If your eyes have become accustomed to scanning the beer case and grabbing a particular tried-and-true Surly label, you'll need to slow your roll a little in 2020.

As soon as January, beer drinkers should keep their eyes peeled for new Surly packaging. It's part of a wholesale redesign -- from the Surly logo to the individual beer label designs -- announced today. 

This is the first redesign Surly has done since the brand launched at the tail end of 2005. Staying true to its love of all things spooky and occult, Surly waited 13 years (lucky number 13!) to try out a new look.

Though the new labels go into production today, Surly representative Tiffany Jackson said consumers likely won't see the new packaging in their liquor stores until January. Furious and Axe Man will be some of the first to change over.

Loyal to the old look? Stock up while you still can.