About 400 people protesting the lack of stronger legal action against police officers involved in the March shooting death of Breonna Taylor in Kentucky briefly marched onto Interstate 94 in St. Paul late Wednesday before heading back to the State Capitol, where their protest had begun earlier in the day.

Chanting and carrying signs, many with photos of the 26-year-old Taylor and others demanding that police be defunded, the peaceful protesters slowed and stopped traffic and blocked the exit to Interstate 35E before leaving the freeway.

Police and State Patrol vehicles with flashing lights stopped and rerouted traffic nearby, but made no move to stop or arrest protesters.

The protest was one of many that erupted nationwide following Wednesday’s indictment by a grand jury of a former Louisville, Ky., police detective on charges of reckless endangerment. The two officers who shot Taylor six times faced no charges.

Protesters continue to demand that three officers be held to account.