Q: I'm looking for a 55-inch TV for my remodeling project. I wanted a Samsung Q60 but unfortunately they are sold out. Any recommendations?

A: I would check out Samsung's the Frame Customizable Art TV (samsung.com). It has the guts of a Q60, but is designed to look like an ordinary picture frame hanging on the wall. When you are not using it as a television it displays artwork and photographs you upload or buy from Samsung's Art Store.

I can write about it at length, but it must be seen to be truly appreciated. The Frame does an extremely convincing job of duplicating the look of matted artwork or photographs, and Samsung's One Connect Box, Invisible Connection and No-Gap Wall Mount (included) complete the illusion because there are no wires running to the television. Different wood and metal frame surrounds are available to match your room decor.

The Frame does cost more than a conventional television of comparable picture quality, but high-quality framed artwork and photographs can easily cost as much as this television. You can watch TV on the Frame, but you can't watch TV on a framed print.

Another week, another deal

Last week I told readers about an exceptional deal on high-end Bluetooth speakers. Today I want to share another great bargain.

ZVOX makes a number of impressive products, including an affordable yet high-quality soundbar that provides theater-like sound, as well as the best dialogue enhancement in the industry, and hearing aids with advanced features and excellent support. Though it is a relatively new category for them, one of my favorite products in their lineup is their AccuVoice AV50 noise-canceling headphones, which sell for $149.99.

AV50s are the best headphones for flying because of their combination of active noise cancellation and AccuVoice dialogue enhancement, which makes them ideal for watching in-flight entertainment. They also have found many fans among older listeners because they make everything easier to hear. While you may find other $150 headphones with better fidelity for music, for watching television and movies the AV50 headphones are standouts, especially in a noisy environment.

ZVOX just announced that through May 10 — yes, that's Mother's Day, if you're looking for a gift for Mom — they are only $69.99. Not only is that is a far cry from $149.99, it's an exceptional price for any high-quality headphones with active noise cancellation.

There's also a promotion on the top-of-the-line ZVOX AV203 AccuVoice Television Speaker, which is selling for $199.99, $70 off its regular price. With six levels of dialogue enhancement, it makes voices much easier to understand. Free shipping and lifetime support is included. Both deals are available at zvox.com.

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