All My Children: Frankie apologized to Madison for being too affectionate with her. Asher knocked Caleb unconscious but pretended to help him when Krystal approached. Damon was determined to win JR's approval. Brot told Natalia to stay out of other people's business. Kendall was ordered to do community service for stealing Liza's briefcase. Randi grew increasingly jealous of Frankie and Madison's friendship. Jesse focused on a new suspect in David's murder.

The Bold and the Beautiful: Oliver was heartbroken after Hope broke up with him because she was interested in Liam. Taylor was concerned about Steffy's preoccupation with another one of Hope's boyfriends. Brooke accidentally sent a personal text message to Bill instead of Katie. The news about Bridget and Owen's love child was leaked to the press. Jackie was forced to address the reporters' questions about her husband's infidelity. Amber was hopeful she and Rick would get back together.

Days of Our Lives: Trapped in the crypt, Vivian could hear all the bad things being said about her. EJ awoke from his coma. Rafe confronted Will about his possible role in EJ's shooting. Victor told Maggie that he was going to ask Vivian for a divorce. Lexie overheard EJ mutter Sami's name. Bo made sure that Hope was safe after she was attacked in prison. Maggie told Victor that there could never be anything between them. A drunk Nicole verbally attacked Chloe at the baby shower. Kayla overheard Stephanie talking about Chloe's test results.

General Hospital: Jax told Carly his feelings for Brenda were nonexistent. Brenda admitted to Jason she isn't over Sonny. Robin crashed her car after Lisa drugged her. Dante and Lulu almost blew Lucky's cover. Jason saved Brenda's life after thugs tried to kill her. Patrick panicked after discovering his wife and daughter were missing. Steve found a dead nurse in the hospital stairwell. Robin awoke in a cabin to find Lisa hovering over her. Sonny warned Michael that mobster life isn't all it's cracked up to be.

One Life to Live: Gigi boldly asked Kelly if she was interested in her man. Starr pulled away from James' kiss. Hannah was freed after Marty testified at her trial. Langston regretted getting Ford fired. Tea's will asked that Ross be given custody of Dani. Nora wondered why Bo didn't want Inez dating his brother. Brody promised to raise Jessica's baby as his own no matter the DNA results. Clint bribed Rex into lying about David's whereabouts. Langston was surprised to see Markko back in town.

The Young and the Restless: Victor offered to fund Heather's campaign if she prosecuted Adam to the full extent of the law. Nina asked Ronan why he never tried to contact her before. Noah came home and wondered why his parents weren't back together yet. Mac told J.T. that she might be pregnant. Victoria turned down Tucker's job offer. Skye went to bed with Jack to get even with Adam. Lily received an ominous note from "Down Under." Christine was worried that Nina would never forgive her for her role in Chance's death.

Dana Block is a columnist for North America Syndicate Inc.