"Let's go with Paul Uncensored. What do you think will really happen this summer and beyond?" Changeable. Our weather will be changeable. What, too vague?

Confidence levels are low but I suspect this wet pattern will continue into the first half of summer with a few severe outbreaks in June and July, but nothing like what's happening to our south, enduring the worst tornado outbreak in 13 years.

Our summer will be hotter than average. Not as smoky as 2023 but a fair number of hazy days. We will be glad we don't live in Hurricane Alley. And with a La NiƱa cool phase of the Pacific brewing, next winter won't look anything like the "half a winter" we just experienced. Snow lovers will be happier.

We hang onto sunshine much of Thursday, but showers and thunderstorms return Thursday night into Friday; a few more pop-up storms are likely on Sunday. Saturday still appears to be the sunnier, drier day of the weekend. I see mid-80s early next week, a taste of what's to come.

"Well bless your heart, Paul, you actually went there!" Apologies.