Die Hard 5 is on the way. We've known that for a few months, but now Hollywood Reporter says we have a writer: Skip Woods, who wrote "The A-Team," "Wolverine," and "Hitman." So it already sounds noisy and horrible. Some loved the last one; all I remember is liking it for a while, and then watching it devolve into the usual unrealistic symphony of explosions. Perhaps in this one John McClane is once again down on his luck, out of work, drunk, chain-smoking, addicted to Oxycontin, and actually clinically dead when terrorists take over the hospital where he's just had a hip replacement.

More sequel news: 2011will be your all-Marvel Movie summer - Thor! Captain America! Irving Forbush! And now X-Men IV: Backstory. It was green-lighted - a Hollywood term for "we've rounded up enough of other people's money" and it'll shoot soon for a release next year.

Plot? Well, following on the heels of George Lucas telling us what happened before Episode IV, and Ridley Scott making an Alien prequel that tells us what happened before the Nostromo crew showed up, we have a prequel that tells us how Professor X and Magneto had a falling out, possibly over who had borrowed a pair of shoes and ruined them totally and didn't admit it, but blamed it on the cat.

Fine. The first two X-men movies did a nice job of alluding to their past history without telling you the details. But everyone who sees this summer's Ironing Man 2 will wonder how this all came about. Lucky for them, the prequel's almost done. Here's the trailer.