SOCHI, RUSSIA -- First of all, I feel bad even posting this knowing the deep freeze torture my family, friends and co-workers are experiencing back home.

By the way, has that polar vortex left town yet?

For the second straight day, it's sunny and in the low 60s here in Sochi. For the Winter Olympics.

We knew Sochi has a subtropical climate, but it still feels strange to see visitors laying out in the sun and wearing shorts and T-shirts walking around Olympic Park.

This is our 10th day here and I've had only one day where I felt mildly cold and that was in the Caucasus Mountains covering cross-country. Other than that, it's springtime here.

Below is a photo I took this morning of a sunrise at the Black Sea. For all that's been said and written about the problems Sochi had in getting ready for this Olympics, it's impossible to complain about the natural beauty of the Black Sea and Caucasus Mountains as a backdrop. It's simply spectacular.

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