New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees didn’t talk much about the “Deflategate” scandal surrounding the New England Patriots during his visit to “Conan” on Wednesday night, but he did try to see if he could gauge the difference by feel alone.

As an NFL quarterback, he handles footballs all the time, and he proved that he could instantly tell if a ball was inflated properly or under-inflated. In fact, not only was he able to tell if the ball was properly inflated, he could tell the PSI measurement of a ball at 13 PSI and another at 11 PSI.

What he couldn’t do, though, was complete a pass through the studio to a Saints fan toward the back of the audience. He failed to account for the lights hanging from the ceiling, slamming the ball directly into one of the fixtures.

As the ball came back to the stage, Brees sat on the edge of the couch as far from Conan O’Brien as possible in shame.

A second shot did reach its intended mark, though. And after O’Brien brought out a severely under-inflated ball as a joke, Brees had no problem reaching another intended mark in the audience with the deflated football.

“What you just demonstrated is it is easier to throw and catch an under-inflated football,” O’Brien declared.

Watch Drew Brees’ quarterback fail on “Conan” here.