The Robbinsdale school board has decided to ask voters next November to renew an existing operating levy and approve a new one to help pay for the district's technology needs.

If approved, the technology levy would provide about $3.5 million a year to increase technology access for students and staff, support personalized learning and enhance technology currently used by both teachers and students.

Robbinsdale is one of few school districts in the metro area that currently does not have technology levy in place. If approved, the owner of a $175,000 home would see a tax increase of about $6 a month.

“We have a comprehensive, research-based plan to provide effective personalized teaching and learning practices, improve communication, and streamline administrative operations; however, we don’t have the financial resources to fully implement this plan,” said Dennis Beekman, Executive Director of Technology. “Asking our voters to approve a technology levy is the only way we can provide our students and staff with the technology tools they need to succeed.”

If voters approve the levy renewal, it will not raise taxes. It currently provides about $20 million a year to pay for things like classroom supplies, staff salaries, maintenance, transportation and other operating costs.

The election will be Nov. 4