Sorry about that headline. It's just too easy to avoid.

ESPN is reporting that Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger will be suspended 4-6 weeks. The report, based on unnamed sources, says, "When the suspension is announced, it will contain conditions that will allow it to be reduced based on Roethlisberger's behavior and compliance with clinical evaluators."

Other interesting nuggets from the report:

*The Steelers are said to be shopping Roethlisberger and gauging interest from teams to see if anyone is willing to part with a top 10 pick. After sitting here for five minutes and weighing his accomplishments, stats and baggage, we still can't decide if that's too much or not enough.

*The Steelers have a fairly soft early part of their schedule, which could make it easier to absorb having Roethlisberger out for up to 6 games.

*Roger Goodell has yet to confirm the suspension ... but if he's smart, he'll do it today instead of letting this hang over the draft.

*in related but not really related news, Roethlisberger recently lost his beef jerky endorsement deal.

UPDATE: The NFL has confirmed the details of the suspension.