Drivers who had their cars towed from a Metro Transit park-and-ride in Woodbury last week will get their money back. The towing company agreed to return the $350 charged to drivers whose cars were legally parked in a lot next to the Woodbury 10 Theatre, but were hauled away.

“That’s pretty sweet,” said Chris Collins, who was one of at least 25 motorists whose cars were towed from the lot at 1470 Queens Drive on April 1. “Justice was served.”

Theater owner Nathan Block said affected drivers can call the towing company, Rapid Recovery, at 651-665-0022 to arrange a refund.

Block said miscommunication led to the tows. The theater leases the lot from Metro Transit and has authority to order vehicles that are illegally parked to be removed, according to the lease that was signed in 2003. Part of the lot is reserved exclusively for movie patrons and has signs warning that violators will be towed at their expense. The last few rows of the lot are an officially designated, Metro Transit-sponsored park-and-ride for commuters who catch express buses to downtown St. Paul and Minneapolis.

Cars were towed from rows set aside as a park-and-ride.

“I instructed them very clearly to tow only from the first two rows on the west end of the building … which are clearly marked as ‘theater parking only,’ ” Block said last week. “The area of towing was clearly designated, but somehow a mistake was made.”

A woman who answered Rapid Recovery’s Complaint and Resolution line on Wednesday declined to comment.

Block said there have been many cases of unauthorized parking and it has been an ongoing problem.

Block said the Woodbury 10 did not receive any money from the tows.