Brown Russian

Serves 1.

This variation of the classic White Russian uses chocolate milk instead of cream. The result is a cozy, mocha-flavored drink.

  •   1 oz. vodka

  •   1½ oz. Kahlua

  •   4 oz. chocolate milk

    Fill a tall 12-ounce glass (such as a collins glass) with ice. Pour in the vodka and Kahlua, then add the chocolate milk. Amount of chocolate milk may be adjusted according to taste.

    Alternate serving suggestion: Cold coffee may be substituted for the chocolate milk. Simply pour freshly brewed hot coffee into a cocktail shaker full of ice, shake, then strain into a collins glass with the vodka/Kahlua mixture. If you like your coffee sweet, dissolve sugar to taste in the coffee before you shake it with ice.

    Hawaiian Sizzle

    Serves 1.

    The Blue Hawaiian inspired the flavor combination, but adding champagne or sparkling wine gives an unexpected punch.

  •   ½ oz. blue Curacao (an orange-flavored liqueur)

  •   1 oz. coconut-flavored rum, such as Malibu or Parrot Bay

  •   2 oz. pineapple juice

  •   4 oz. champagne or sparkling wine

  •   Small wedge fresh pineapple for garnish

    Combine the curacao, rum, pineapple juice and champagne in an oversize 10-ounce champagne flute.

    Make a small cut in the pineapple wedge and slip it onto the rim of the glass.

    Ginberry Fizz

    Serves 1.

    Don't mistake this for the classic Ramos Gin Fizz. Here the sugar, gin and lemon wedge are muddled, similar to an Old-Fashioned. But there is nothing old-fashioned about the refreshing flavor.

  •   1 tsp. sugar

  •   1½ oz. gin

  •   1 small lemon wedge

  •   4 oz. club soda

  •   Splash of cranberry juice

    Combine the sugar and gin in an 8-to 10-ounce rocks or old-fashioned glass. Squeeze the lemon wedge into the glass and drop it in. Muddle with a spoon until the sugar has dissolved and the lemon is nicely pulverized, about 1 minute. Fill with ice, then pour in soda followed by a splash of cranberry juice.

    Serving suggestion: Other juices may be substituted for the cranberry, such as grapefruit, lime or lemonade.

    Pink Orangeade

    Serves 1.

    This nonalcoholic drink is perfect for sipping.

  •   4 oz. lemonade

  •   2 oz. orange juice

  •   2 oz. soda

  •   Drizzle of grenadine

  •   Maraschino cherry for garnish

  •   Thin slice of lemon for garnish

    Combine the juices and soda in an ice-filled 14-ounce collins or other tall glass. Drizzle in grenadine and garnish with a maraschino cherry.

    Make a small slit in the lemon slice and fit onto the rim of the glass.

    Serving suggestion: Vodka flavored with lemon or orange, such as Absolut's Citron or Mandarin, may be added to turn this "mocktail" into a refreshing cocktail.