Local writer, entrepreneur and college student, DeSeandra Sheppheard has become well known for her interesting, yet educational writing style. After being hired as Head Columnist for inBox Magazine Twin Cities in 2007 , Sheppheard began actively pursuing a career as a local Entertainment Writer and Minneapolis Socialite. In 2010 she took her writing career to the next level by attaining an “Editor-at-Large” position for inBox Magazine Twin Cities.

Shortly thereafter, Sheppheard signed editorial deals with Hip Hop lifestyle site HHLO.net and (locally owned) MaXXposure Marketing Group. During her career, she has written various articles, biographies, editorials, and reviews for entrepreneurs and websites throughout Minnesota.

Never one to place herself in a box, Sheppheard has researched and written about various topics, people, places and businesses. Being born and raised in Saint Paul, Sheppheard has been able to gain and maintain knowledge of various people, places and entities that make St. Paul/Minneapolis a great place to live, work and play.

Her extensive research on various subjects including Minneapolis fashion, music, entertainment and business only furthered her knowledge and interest for ‘all things Twin Cities’. After graduating from Saint Paul College, she went on to pursue her Bachelors of Science degree in Human Resource Management at Metropolitan State University and began working as a Human Resources Generalist for a local non-profit organization. While furthering her education, Sheppheard expanded her writing capabilities by penning the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Manual for the organization she works for, a task usually completed by top Executives and Strategic Managers.

Though flexing her business writing skills was a great accomplishment, she realized her passion remained in the urban Twin Cities’ lifestyle and set out to pursue yet another goal: becoming the “voice” of the Twin Cities’ urban youth through her Your Voices blog with The Star Tribune.

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