If you've ever wanted to hear every Minnesota stereotype jammed together in one rap song, you're in luck.

Minneapolis-based rapper Alex Frecon has a growing viral hit on his hands with "I'm From Minnesota." The video has been viewed more than 830,000 times on Facebook.

Frecon, who's also an advertising copywriter, rattles off a long list of things that make us Minnesotan, propping up old stereotypes and debunking others.

Some choice quotables:

"People always want to hear the accent, yes sir, watch 'Fargo' once and then everybody's an expert."

"Yeah it's kinda funny when we say stuff, and just so y'all know, it goes 'Duck, Duck, Gray Duck."

"We've invented many other things with major appeal, like Rollerblades and Post-It Notes and Jessica Biel."

In the comments on the Facebook post, Frecon shows no shame in his hopes of going viral, asking other commenters to tag Biel and share.

The video also features cameos by "Super Troopers" star Erik Stolhanske and the Twins' Justin Morneau.

Frecon explains the origin of the video on his website:

"When I was in college in Connecticut, I remember meeting a lot of students from LA or NYC. Every time I told them where I was from, I was met with an incredulous gasp followed by some ridiculous question like 'are there a lot of bears there?' or 'do they have big cities?' While at first, I found it to be a nuisance, I learned to love it. It was a perfect opportunity to create some fantastical story, about a land where people traveled to work by sled dogs, or where people typically got married at 18."