Q: In an episode of "The Virginian," I saw a talented actor named Peter Deuel. Can you tell me anything about him?

A: The actor, also known as Peter Duel, was a well-liked, handsome actor who worked often in TV, including as a regular on the comedies "Love on a Rooftop" (1966-67) and, with Sally Field, "Gidget" (1965-66). He seemed ready for a breakthrough with the western "Alias Smith and Jones" in 1971. (He was Smith, Ben Murphy was Jones. Field also appeared.) But he reportedly was troubled and had a drinking problem, and in December 1971 he died by suicide. He was 31 years old. "Alias Smith and Jones" kept going by recasting Deuel's role, but it did not last long. Still, Deuel has a devoted following, keeping his memory alive online.

No reboot for 'Giants'

Q: Over the years, several classic TV shows have been made or reimagined into big-screen movies or have been revived on some other media platform. There was a series called "Land of the Giants" (currently running on MeTV). Has there ever been any serious talk of any sort of a revival of this series? Handled right it could be a success.

A: For folks tuning in late, "Land of the Giants" originally aired on ABC in 1968-70 and involved people who had landed on planet where everything was 12 times the size of the same things on Earth. It was created by Irwin Allen ("Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea," "Lost in Space") and MeTV airs it in a block with other Allen shows. While I think just about any old TV concept leads to someone meeting about a reboot, I have not found any reports of a serious plan or discussion about new "Giants."

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