Q: On "I Dream of Jeannie" both Tony Nelson and Roger Healey are the same rank, both astronauts and both are stationed at the Cocoa Beach space base. Given all these similarities, why are their uniforms different colors? Tony's is blue and Roger's green. Does this signify some distinction?

A: Although both were in the space program, Tony (played by Larry Hagman) was in the Air Force while Roger (Bill Daily) was in the Army. You may remember that the seven original U.S. astronauts included Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps pilots.

Marvel-ous career

Q: My family used to watch Craig T. Nelson's show "The District." Great writing, acting, stories. There was an actress, I think her name was Elizabeth Marvel. I believe I did see her on a "Law & Order: SVU," but would like to know if she's still acting.

A: She is. Besides playing Nancy Parras on "The District" in 2000-04, and Rita Calhoun in more than a dozen "SVU" episodes, she has had significant roles in the TV series "Manifest," "Homeland," "House of Cards," "Person of Interest," "Fargo" and more. Movie appearances include "Lincoln," "Gifted" and the remake of "True Grit." And there has been theater work, for example in a Broadway production of "King Lear" starring Glenda Jackson.

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