Unlike the $51,500 jacket that First Lady Melania Trump recently wore, Ivanka Trump chose a dress this week that's less than $20 from Target.

On Monday, the first daughter and assistant to the President was spotted wearing a short, satin, shift dress with a ruffle hem and embellished with a large calla lily floral graphic.

The dress is part of Victoria Beckham's Target collaboration. Originally priced at $35, the dress is now on clearance for $17.50.

No word on how much her shoes and jewelry cost, or if the first daughter plans to swap her designer duds for good.

Critics say the dress choice is a calculated, political move intended to show a more relatable side of the first daughter, who was accused of being "tone deaf" for posting a photo of herself on social media in a $5,000 gown after President Trump signed his original travel ban executive order in January.

Former First Lady Michelle Obama often made headlines for wearing clothing from reasonably-priced stores like Target and J.Crew.

Here's a screenshot of the dress on Target's website.