Polaris has found more issues with the snowmobiles recalled in 2022 for a fire hazard caused by fuel tank issues.

Even after original fixes, the company is pointing to eight more incidents of electrostatic discharge (ESD) causing fires on repaired vehicles.

The Medina-based powersports maker is not issuing a new stop ride/stop sale order but is now asking owners to switch fuel types in order to reduce the risk of ESD while the company works on permanent fix. The fix will allow owners to continue to ride while the company develops the new solution.

The company is asking owners to switch to E10 fuel (meaning fuel that contains up to 10% ethanol) that has 91 octane or greater. The company says the E10 fuel type prevents electrostatic buildup and prevents ESD.

The company will send out new fuel labels to remind owners of the fuel to use and fuels to avoid. It also has instructions to change the fuel type in its instrument settings.

"We understand the importance of the riding season, and being able to share this solution means our riders can ride safely this winter," said a company spokesperson.

A service bulletin on the company's website also gives additional instructions on summer storage and restarting vehicles after storage to minimize risks of ESD.

The notice affects 265,000 snowmobiles — the 230,000 snowmobiles that were part of the initial recall and new snowmobiles that had included the initial fix.

The company is informing owners and has also informed the Consumer Product Safety Commission.