Bring on the pepperoni and sausage. Guilt-free pizza has come to St. Paul, at least in terms of recycling.

Starting next month, Eureka Recycling, St. Paul's curbside collector, will take pizza boxes.

Although the boxes are made of cardboard, Eureka had rejected them because of concerns the oil and grease could hinder the recycling process and diminish the quality of the end product. But the recycler has found a way to make it work.

The old pizza boxes will be turned into new pizza boxes, but only cardboard takeout and delivery boxes can be recycled. Frozen pizza boxes cannot.

Plastic spacers, waxy paper or aluminum foil should be removed before taking the boxes to the curb. Also, boxes laden with cheese or an inordinate amount of grease aren't eligible for recycling.

Eureka Recycling's Zero-Waste Hotline at 651-222-7678 can help with any questions.