Q Regarding the "American Pickers" TV program on the History channel, do the two hosts compete against each other for the profits of their individual purchases? Or, are the items warehoused in their store and, when sold, are the proceeds split evenly between them?

They refer to a business and show the exterior of the store.

A According to a History publicist, Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz from "American Pickers" are not necessarily competing against each other for profits.

"They each run their own business, and they sell the items you see them purchasing on the show separately," the publicist said. "Mike is the sole owner of Antique Archaeology. Frank sells his items via his website at www.frankfritzfinds.com."

No firm ending for 'Firm'Q Will there be a conclusion to "The Firm"? The last episode was a cliffhanger, but you reported that it would not be renewed. Why couldn't they put on another episode to finalize the plot lines?

A TV shows often are filmed well in advance of when they air, so producers have no way of knowing what their ratings will be when they write the final episode of the season. Some producers will show respect for the audience by crafting finales that can serve as season or series finales. But not always.

'Escape' not so clearQ Do you know the name or location of the mental institution that was used in the third episode of "The Great Escape"? I believe it is in California and was a boys' prison or boys' mental hospital.

A A TNT publicist says the network is not allowed to release names of locations, but she said shooting locations for the series included Arizona, California and Louisiana.

No longer in 'Kitchen'Q Why did the previous maƮtre d' depart from "Hell's Kitchen"? Did he get good offers from notable restaurants, or was he simply burned out from explaining to patrons why their scallops overcooked?

A The only response I could get from the show's producers is that Jean-Philippe was unavailable for "Hell's Kitchen," because he was needed at one of chef Gordon Ramsay's restaurants in the United Kingdom.

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