Jay Traverse of Minneapolis:

1 NeilYoungArchives.com. We all know how great the recent Minneapolis shows were, but his website covers his whole catalog with unmatched fidelity plus livestreaming of his concerts. His State Theatre show on my computer sounded like I was at the show. Best $20 I’ve spent this year!


2 Twin Cities music venues. Can any metro match the four historic places where Neil Young played last month? And that’s not even including the Palace, Fitzgerald or First Avenue.


3 Ryan Adams. He’s releasing three new albums this year. Maybe a more modern version of Neil Young? Certainly as prolific.

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Jon Bream of the Star Tribune:

1 Brandi Carlile and Margo Price, joint interview, Billboard. They talk about their Grammy nominations and how honesty, activism and motherhood have affected their lives and careers. Big reveals: Price penned the song “All American Made” during the Obama administration but rewrote it for the Trump years. Carlile received three texts from Elton John as her six Grammy nods were announced.


2 Chloe x Halle, Super Bowl. Their arrangement of “America the Beautiful” was creative and dynamic, and they wove and blended their voices with confidence and style. Can’t wait to hear them on the Grammys.


3 Lizzo’s got the “Juice.” Our homegirl’s got momentum toward stardom. First, “The Ellen Show,” then “The Tonight Show,” No. 4 on Entertainment Weekly’s Must List and now No. 1 on Rolling Stone’s playlist.