‘Sin Tiempo’

Photographer Michael Crouser works in a medium focused on capturing time, which makes this show of black-and-white photos at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport something of a paradox. Fascinated by the idea of “timeless imagery,” which evokes a sensibility more than a place or time period, Crouser travels the world to find it. He captures an older woman, her skin well-worn with knowledge, romantically smoking a cigarette on a balcony in “Gypsy Singer — Barcelona, Spain” (2010). A man bends to sweep the ground, using a long, swishing broom against the pavement in “Street Sweeper — Labrang, Tibet” (2015). The series of seven pictures is housed behind a glass case, along with an actual Pentax camera and physical film. They’re magically inspiring to gaze at before hopping on a flight to somewhere far from the Twin Cities. Only ticketed passengers will be able to see this exhibition, which runs through next March. Be sure to have a strong cup of coffee in hand. (Terminal 1, F Concourse. Free. airportfoundation.org/programs-services/arts-culture)

alicia eler