Pop quiz!

The Apple iPhone was first released in what year?

Which is bigger, KB or MB?

The first widely popular graphical Web browser, released in 1993, was...

Answers ahead, but if you're curious about the whole quiz, offered by the Pew Research Center, take it online before reading further. Multiple choice and true/false. No cheating!

Don't feel bad if you don't know it all. The 1,066 people Pew quizzed certainly didn't get perfect scores. The goal was measuring how much people know about the technology in our everyday lives.

“Policy makers, tech designers, and those orienting their organizations around digital life can profit from knowing just how ‘technology literate’ people are and where gaps in their knowledge might be," said Aaron Smith, Senior Researcher at the Pew Research Center and the author of this report. "Just because people use these gadgets a lot doesn’t necessarily mean they know everything about how they work and where they came from.”

So what do we know?

College grads knew more than those who haven't graduated from college. Younger people correctly answered more questions than their elders.

While many people correctly identified a photo of Bill Gates, 10 percent thought it was former Apple CEO Steve Jobs. Just 21 percent correctly identified Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg when they saw her photo.

Want to learn more? Check out the full report.

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