PETA has decided to try to take advantage of this whole Manti Te'o situation by using his likeness on a billboard promoting "fake" chicken wings.

Note: These are meatless wings, not the boneless wings championed by Dana Wessel.

Per (football pun warning):

Manti Te'o may have been buffaloed by a fake girlfriend, but sometimes "fake" is actually better. That's why PETA created this billboard urging football fans to avoid unnecessary roughness to chickens on Super Bowl Sunday by intentionally grounding real chicken wings and opting for play-action fake fowl instead. ... The price of chicken wings is currently skyrocketing because of higher feed costs caused by this summer's drought, which makes now the perfect time to try vegan wings, such as Gardein Classic Style Buffalo Wings, a favorite of vegetarian and former Miami Dolphins running back Ricky Williams.