The 26 previous players to win the award:

1986: Steve Schlotthauer, Mounds View

1987: Kevin Lynch, Bloomington Jefferson, and

Dan Banister, Minneapolis North

1988: Mike Polomny, Park Center

1989: Juriad Hughes, St. Paul Central

1990: Mike VandeGarde, Bloomington Jefferson

1991: Brian Carpenter, Minneapolis Washburn

1992: Bret Yonke, Eagan

1993: Skipp Schaefbauer, Elk River

1994: Sam Jacobson, Park of Cottage Grove

1995: Nate Holmstadt, Monticello

1996: Khalid El-Amin, Minneapolis North

1997: Jared Nuness, Hopkins

1998: Joel Przybilla, Monticello

1999: Shane Schilling, Minnetonka

2000: Adam Boone, Minnetonka

2001: Alan Anderson, DeLaSalle

2002: Kris Humphries, Hopkins

2003: Humphries

2004: Spencer Tollackson, Chaska

2005: Travis Busch, Mounds View

2006: Bryce Webster, St. Thomas Academy

2007: Cole Aldrich, Bloomington Jefferson

2008: Anthony Tucker, Minnetonka

2009: Mike Bruesewitz, Henry Sibley

2010: Kevin Noreen, Minnesota Transitions

2011: Joe Coleman, Hopkins