Two women have reported being drugged while drinking at Lord Fletcher’s Old Lake Lodge in recent weeks, authorities said.

A 37-year-old woman blacked out July 7 after returning home from the popular Lake Minnetonka eatery and was unable to remember several hours of her evening, she later reported to Orono police. An over-the-counter urine drug test confirmed she had ingested benzodiazepines, a class of anti-anxiety and depressant medications that can produce sedation and induce sleep.

Soon after, an anonymous caller filed a similar complaint about an incident at the bar two weeks earlier.

Orono police say an investigation of the possible druggings is ongoing, but there are no known suspects. It also remains unclear whether the cases are connected.

“We’ve received a few reports regarding women’s drinks possibly getting drugged at local establishments,” Orono police tweeted Thursday. “Ladies please don’t leave your drinks unattended.”

“Definitely not a common occurrence around our area,” authorities said in a subsequent tweet.

A Lord Fletcher’s manager reached by phone Monday said the establishment is cooperating with police but is unsure when the possible druggings might have occurred. He declined to comment further.

Sgt. Chad Stensrud recommended that patrons take the following precautions to reduce the chances of having their drinks drugged:

• Don’t accept a drink from other people or take a drink from a stranger.

• If someone offers to get you a drink, go with them to order the drink, watch it being poured and carry it yourself.

• Don’t leave your drink unattended.

• Stay with your friends and look out for one another.