Hans Lee
November 18
Voters head to the polls Nov. 3 at Franconia Township Town Hall in Shafer, Minn.

City folk have much to learn about country folk

The only way we will get past our divisions is to listen to each other.
John Mattsen
November 18
Trees began the shift from green to gold in late September in Minneapolis.

Country folk have much to learn about city folk

Why isn't ending this divisiveness a priority for both political parties?
November 18
The Basilica of St. Mary pictured from the Loring Greenway in Minneapolis.

Readers Write: Catholic Church reform, COVID and politicians, small businesses, health care workers

I choose to stay and fight.
Opinion Exchange
November 18

Miami Marlins hit a line drive through the glass ceiling

Kim Ng will become first woman, first Asian American general manager.
November 18
“Community spread is rampant now in Minnesota,” Gov. Tim Walz said in a press briefing Tuesday. “The idea that we can just go on the way we have

Playing Politics episode: Walz acts on virus crisis

The unchecked pandemic leads to new restrictions, which may lead to new pushback. Hear the "Playing Politics" analysis from WCCO Radio's Chad Hartman and the Star Tribune Editorial Board's D.J. Tice and John Rash.
Julia Eagles, Evan Goldenrod and Jenny M. Jones
November 18
Protesters gather on June 1 at a memorial for George Floyd where he died outside Cup Foods on E. 38th Street and Chicago Avenue, now called George Flo

Counterpoint: Causes of crime surge are complex

But George Floyd's memorial isn't one of them.
Emily Oster
November 18
A sign advising passengers that face masks are required hangs on the entrance to the Staten Island ferry waiting room as a commuter runs to catch the

How to deal with people who ignore COVID safety

They aren't going to change their behavior. Testing is a useful backup.
Michelle Goldberg
November 18

Leftists and moderates, stop fighting. You need one another.

Moderates need radicals to expand their scope for action. Radicals need moderates to wield power in a country that doesn't move readily.
Michael R. Strain
November 18
President-elect Joe Biden speaks about the economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic as Vice President-elect Kamala Harris watches, at the Queen

Don't be fooled. The coronavirus economy still needs help.

It needs it now. February is too late.
November 17

A victory for courtroom access in George Floyd case

Judge's decision to allow livestream is a well-reasoned call for transparency in the pandemic.
Scott Martelle
November 17
On March 3, 1933 President Hoover and Franklin D. Roosevelt are shown leaving the White House Saturday for the inauguration ceremonies of Roosevelt as

How will Trump behave at Biden's inauguration?

Will it be icy or will he skip it altogether?
Opinion Exchange
November 17

As new COVID wave hits, protective gear is still needed

The pipeline is better but far from fixed as demand grows for PPE.
November 17
A buttermilk-brined roast turkey, a recipe inspired by the Southern method of marinating chicken overnight in buttermilk before frying, and adapted fr

Readers Write: The holidays, COVID spread, pandemic precautions, Line 3

Gather virtually this year.
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