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The breathtaking scope of the Feeding Our Future scandal became clear this week when the nonprofit's executive director and 47 others were charged in a scheme involving $250 million in taxpayer funds meant to feed needy Minnesota children.

U.S. Attorney Andrew Luger "described the scheme as the largest pandemic fraud in the country and one of the largest federal fraud cases ever brought in Minnesota," the Editorial Board writes today.

That taxpayers and low-income kids were victimized to this extent is an embarrassment for the state, the board argues.

"Another damaging outcome of this sordid case is that Minnesota, once a national model for government efficiency and transparency, is again receiving national attention for dysfunction. It's also troubling that two of those charged are former Minneapolis city officials — one who served as an aide to Mayor Jacob Frey and the other a former board chair of the Public Housing Authority."

Coming this weekend: Commentary editor D.J. Tice is finalizing our commentary lineup for Saturday-Monday. Here's his preview of just some of what you'll read:

"As the midterm election battles intensify, Star Tribune Opinion explores both the behind-the-scenes dramas and a scene-stealing single issue dominating much of the debate. On Sunday, veteran retired political journalist Lori Sturdevant profiles Erin Murphy, an unsuccessful DFL gubernatorial candidate four years ago who is playing a less visible but critical role in this year's campaign, masterminding the DFL's attempt to regain a majority in the state Senate.

"The stakes involved in such legislative races are elevated by the new prominence of the abortion debate, which Democrats seem determined to make the central dispute in every election.

"My Sunday column looks at how and why American conservatism's long twilight struggle to transform American legal thought and overturn the Roe v. Wade abortion decision at the Supreme Court may have transformed U.S. politics in the bargain."

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