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Scott Gillespie is the Star Tribune's editorial page editor and vice president. He's responsible for opinion content and leads the Editorial Board, which operates independently from the newsroom.  

Gillespie has been editorial page editor since 2007. He was the lead editor on "Separate and Unequal," the series of editorials on underfunded Bureau of Indian Education schools that was a finalist for a 2015 Pulitzer Prize. Before joining Editorial, Gillespie was managing editor at the Star Tribune, responsible for the day-to-day operations of the newsroom. During his five-year tenure in that role, the news staff produced awarding-winning coverage on the death of Paul Wellstone, the war in Iraq and the collapse of the I-35W Bridge. Before being named managing editor, Gillespie served as the paper's assistant managing editor for local news and assistant managing editor for business news. He has more than 30 years of news reporting and editing experience at newspapers in Wisconsin and Minnesota. He served as a Pulitzer Prize juror in 2004, 2005, 2011 and 2012. Gillespie has a bachelor's degree in journalism and political science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and has been an adjunct faculty member in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Minnesota.
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James W. Gillespie, who died in the Philippines during World War II, had a "love of newspaper work and printing in his blood."

In wartime and across lifetimes: The memories that run in the blood

A farewell from the Star Tribune's editorial page editor.

To our readers: D.J. Tice is retiring

The longtime commentary editor has decided to retire at the end of this year. We wish him the best.
Meet Mike Thompson

Meet Mike Thompson

Introducing the Star Tribune's new editorial cartoonist.

Opinion Newsletter Intro

Rep. Tom Emmer and Rep.-elect Pete Stauber said the Pledge of Allegiance on the U.S. House floor before the swearing-in ceremony Jan. 3, 2019.

Another massacre, another failure to lead

Emmer, Fischbach, Stauber are sad but sadly not proactive.
Steve Sack won a Pulitzer for editorial cartooning in 2013. Judges noted Sack's diverse collection of cartoons, using an original style and clever ide

A cartoonist and a gentleman

Steve Sack will be greatly missed.
Former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani, a lawyer for President Donald Trump, pauses as he speaks during a news conference on legal challenges to vote cou

Trump's last stand: Please make it stop

He took advantage of a divided nation in 2016, and now he's ensuring that divisions grow wider and that more norms are shattered.
Star Tribune sports columnist Sid Hartman stood on the grass at Target Field in Minneapolis, Minn.

Remembering Sid

The editor of Star Tribune Opinion reminisces about news tips, run-ins and field trips involving a one-of-a-kind colleague.
The U.S. Bank Stadium reserve account is expected to grow to nearly $200 million by 2023.

Today's newsletter: U.S. Bank Stadium's bird problem by the numbers

From Ukraine to Jay-Z, a night with President Trump

From Ukraine to Jay-Z, a night with President Trump

One journalist's notes from an exceptional happening in downtown Minneapolis.
The scene that greeted the writer.

Reflections on a western Wisconsin storm

This land is cabin country for families like mine and home for others. We'll rebuild — though with a keener sense of impermanence.
-- snow.5667- detail iceles hanging off the south facing roof edge- illo for ice-dam story?

Winter and its implications: The ice dam cometh

And one seasoned homeowner stands ready to do battle, averse to bodily risk, armed with hosiery.
Scott Gillespie/Star Tribune
It is 8:32 a.m. at the 46th Street light-rail station in Minneapolis, and my people have gathered for another Blue Line t

The trains and buses that bind: A view from the melting pot aboard Twin Cities transit

A melting pot uses transit. We won't tell you it's perfect, but it's good, it's reliable and, most of all, it works for us.
Donald Trump supporters cheered after the national anthem at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. ] GLEN STUBBE * Tuesday,

Clinton failed to grasp discontent in the Heartland

The rolling hills of Trempealeau County, Wis., just across from Winona, held a demographic secret that helped Donald Trump's campaign unlock electoral victory.
Paddlers maneuver canoes at dusk in the waters off Burntside Lodge.

Loons, wilderness and historic cabins define Burntside Lodge

About five years ago we told our two teenage sons that we might invest in a small family cabin in western Wisconsin. They were excited, as you might guess, but with a caveat. "We'll still go to Burntside, won't we?"
October 10, 1981 Ernest Lacy, 22, who died after being taken into police custody in connection with a rape, is shown in a 1981 family photo. It was la

Scott Gillespie: Black victims of the police, ad infinitum

I've had too many occasions to recall a story I covered as a young reporter.
Special to the Star Tribune, Kelly Guenther NYC, NY 7/31/2008 ] Journalist and author David Carr

Remembering David Carr

I didn't hire him, but he never looked back as his immense talents led him to the New York Times.
Eric W. Kaler president of the University of Minnesota spoke at Northrop Auditorium before , President Bill Clinton to accepted the Dean Award for Pub

Pre-emptive PR on Kaler's new U contract

Before the ink was dry, president's people were busily 'reaching out' to offer a positive spin.

Coach Kill turns health issue into a positive

"Chasing Dreams" fund will help kids with seizures, sometimes mistreated or forgotten.
"No matter how I meant it, [it] doesn't matter," Reid Sagehorn told the Star Tribune about his online troubles. "Sarcasm doesn't belong on the Interne

Learning from our tweeting elders — or not

Comparing the consequences of online missteps by state legislator, Rogers student.
Editorial Page Editor: Our 'Growing Minneapolis' series

Editorial Page Editor: Our 'Growing Minneapolis' series

The Editorial Board will make recommendations on how best to address job creation, growth-friendly transit, and disparities in education, income, housing and health.
Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman rubs in the defeat after knocking away a pass from San Francisco wide receiver Michael Crabtree (15) in th

The noisy state of celebrity, as practiced by Richard Sherman

A pro football player made the obligatory sideline interview a YouTube greatest hit.
FILE - In this Jan. 14, 2013 file photo, white roses with the faces of victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting are attached to a telephon

The nation after Sandy Hook: Sadly unshaken

Sure, the anniversary is jarring, but beyond that, America is going great guns.
Illustration: Journalism.

Editorial Page Editor: The why and how of our endorsements

They're always controversial, but you can be confident that they've been carefully considered. And they're never the last word.
Facing reality as a Twin Cities bike commuter

Facing reality as a Twin Cities bike commuter

Bike commuting in the Twin Cities is a competition, and it would be great to win or place once in awhile.
Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak

In New York, Rybak voices frustration with gun availability

Gov. Mark Dayton.

Gov. Dayton vs. Shakopee hecklers

The governor deserves credit for not backing down.
Larry Oakes

Reporter's legacy: Pulling back state's hidden layers

Larry Oakes, who died over the weekend, persisted in bringing difficult but important stories to light.
Scott Gillespie, left, talks with Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who met with the Star Tribune Editorial Board on Dec. 13, 2012

Wisconsin's governor looks ahead

Gov. Scott Walker met with the Star Tribune Editorial Board on Thursday.
Wes Killingbeck/San Jose Mercury News/MCT

To our readers: A message about election endorsements

Zach Parise, laughed while watching the Defending the Blue Line NHL Players Charity Game from the bench at Ridder Arena in Minneapolis on Wednesday.

Short Takes: Wild makes a big score with Parise, Suter

The oppressive heat that's hung over much of Minnesota the past week or so made it especially appealing to think about the upcoming hockey season as the hometown Wild courted Zach Parise and Ryan Suter.
Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton (left) and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker

Scott Gillespie: Things are worse in Wisconsin than in Minnesota

A tale of two governors and their budget quandaries.
This Jan. 14, 1968 file photo shows Green Bay Packers coach Vince Lombardi being carried off the field after his team defeated the Oakland Raiders 33-

Leader of the Pack

The story of how Vince Lombardi brought the Green Bay Packers from abysmal to spectacular is recounted by a Baltimore Sun columnist. Familiar ground for many, but well told.

Daniel Hauser's welcome return

One border, two visions

Wisconsin Gov. Jim Doyle made his budget proposal Tuesday in the face of a $5.7 billion budget deficit. Read his proposal, and tell us if you're suffering from border envy.

Another 1,000 jobs targeted

Apparent cease-fire on Central Corridor

Good Morning

In this sport, they eat the prize

Good Afternoon

It could be worse...

Good Morning

Good Morning

All eyes were focused on a ballot held up by Minneapolis Election Judge Marge Dolan on Wednesday. She was surrounded, from left, by fellow Judge Julia

Looks like they've got our number

Good Morning

The Senate recount is underway, Mike Tice wants to be a head coach in the National Football League (Good luck with that, big fella.), and the Dow is down more than 170 points in early trading. Those were some of the topics kicking around 425 Portland this morning. But the one piece of news that really grabbed our attention was the Internal Revenue Service/Mac Hammond dispute.

Scott Gillespie: South Florida: Where homes stand empty and people vote

There are bargains to be had in a sun-kissed state that's bound to bounce back. Someday. But not before Nov. 4.

Notes from ground zero of the housing crisis

Good morning: Tuesday, Oct. 7

Good morning: Tuesday, Sept. 16, 2008

Good morning: Friday, Sept. 12

She said no, and yes, to "Bridge to Nowhere''

St. Paul police and protesters in Mears Park. From the inside, it was clear that Minneapolis and St. Paul police took the reported threats to disrupt

A vote for a post-mortem on RNC police efforts

What's next for Tim Pawlenty?

A view from the eclectic middle

Life imitates Life

Life imitates Life

A Rocky Mountain view of RNC

Thanks to reporter, protest gets back on course

Measuring the success of the RNC

Tim Penny on backing McCain

Beach Boys music group in the 1960s.

Starting your GOP party planning

Scott Gillespie: A new way to get your daily dose of opinions

At, we're launching an up-to-date, interactive feed that includes our coverage and more.

NWA, Delta CEOs talk merger

Northwest Airlines' CEO Doug Steenland and Delta CEO Richard Anderson answer questions from Star Tribune editorial writers. These are excerpts from their answers.