Calling "American Idol" alum Paris Bennett a "dumb bitch" on the air Thursday resulted in B96's Tone E. Fly getting verbally chewed out.

"I had a severe talking to him," B96 GM Steve Woodbury told me Friday when asked if the radio personality known to the IRS as Anthony Distasio was disciplined. "In fact we had a meeting. We're not going to use that kind of terminology anymore. I wouldn't want my daughters called that. I'm really upset about that. First of all, Paris is a friend."

My first question to Distasio was: Do you call your wife a dumb you-know-what?

"Do I? No," Distasio said.

Asked whether he doesn't like Paris Bennett, he said: "No, I don't have any personal animosity. She was on the show and remember all that flack from TMZ?"

Some background is required.

Distasio was doing a year- end bit Thursday that gave Paris a "Foot in Mouth Award," when the disparaging misogynistic phrase flew out of his mouth. Distasio was replaying a 2007 interview with Paris in which she shared a personal opinion about what "American Idol" was becoming as a result of Sanjaya surviving as long as he did on the show. Paris' B96 remarks, which included her stressing that she liked Sanjaya, were replayed up on, creating a momentarily uncomfortable situation between "American Idol" and its alum, Paris.

As soon as the unforunate phrase was uttered, Distasio said, "I turned the microphone off and looked at everybody in the studio and said, 'I shouldn't have said that. That's awful.' I didn't know it was going to turn into all this. I feel bad for making the comment. And I did apologize for it on the air. That doesn't change anything."

It certainly didn't improve anything for Paris' mom Jamecia Bennett, who broke down into tears near the end of my telephone interview with her Friday morning.

"What do I tell her? What do I say to her?" Bennett said tearfully. "She doesn't understand why he doesn't like her. She doesn't understand why he [would] call her names like this on the radio. It's just not right. Our family [has never been at the center of] nothing like this. My mom [Ann Nesby, a Sounds of Blackness alum] just got nominated for a Grammy, so to have something like this on Paris -- she just did the HeartLink for children's cancer... Why would you even form that in your mouth? What would make you that angry with her, as a child? She's not even old enough to drink."

Bennett, who like her daughter and mother is a singer, said her phone line exploded with calls shortly after Distasio's remark was aired.

"My phone [and e-mail] was just blowing up. My godsister was listening to Tone E. Fly and she put the phone up to the radio and I heard the words," said Bennett.

Bennett believes Distasio has shown long-term animosity for Paris because her family has steered the "AI" alum clear of Distasio's brand of radio.

She said that when Paris was on her "'American Idol' journey," the family formed a bond with Miss Shannan and other "positive" B96 personnel.

Bennett recalled one occasion in which that she thought Paris had a commitment to do a radio interview with Miss Shannan, and they were bothered that Distasio seemed to commandeered the interview on the air. They didn't want to call attention to their displeasure by hanging up so Paris toughed it out.

"We knew he was a controversial radio personality, which is fine if that's what he does. We had always banned Tone E. Fly from Paris' 'American Idol' interviews because he would always have little things to say [that were] his opinions and he has a right to his opinions," said Bennett.

Although Miss Shannan told me Friday that Distasio has used that phrase to describe, among others, Paris Hilton and Joe"Girls Gone Wild" Francis, Tony's going to have to learn to let that expression fly away from his on-air lexicon.

Woodbury told me that B96 bleeps the b-word out of songs so he doesn't want his employees using it.

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