An Oak Grove man shot at and wounded his father during a 2-mile car chase on Hwy. 47 near Ramsey on Tuesday afternoon, authorities said Wednesday.

The father called Ramsey police about 6 p.m. saying his son was trying to kill him and that he had been “shot in the face,” according to the Anoka County Sheriff’s Office.

The father did not suffer major injuries and was not hospitalized, the sheriff’s office said.

The father had fled a home on the 179th block of Germanium St. NW. in Ramsey by car, traveling north on Hwy. 47, when his son began to chase him in a separate vehicle.

During the chase, the son rammed his father’s car in the area of 191st and Hwy. 47, then fired a shotgun out of his passenger window.

The father said he ducked, but that the flying glass and/or the shotgun blast hit and cut his face.

The suspect fled and later was arrested without incident at his home in Oak Grove.

He remains in the Anoka County jail pending charges.

Karen Zamora