The announcement that Jodie Whittaker will take over as "Doctor Who" next season may have shaken up the sci-fi universe, but many Earthlings grounded in reality felt that it was about time a woman took the wheel, after 54 years on the air.

The resounding success of "Wonder Woman" is more than enough proof that audiences will embrace a big-screen heroine. But if Charlize Theron scores as the female equivalent of James Bond in "Atomic Blonde," it will make an even stronger case for not letting gender get in the way of casting iconic pop-culture heroes.

The next time Hollywood execs reboot a popular character, they would be wise to consider the following suggestions:

Michelle Dockery as Sherlock Holmes

The "Downton Abbey" elitist has the posh accent and condescending nature to play the snotty sleuth. While they're at it, producers should recruit castmate Laura Carmichael, whose experience playing Lady Edith has prepared her to take on the long-suffering Watson.

Grace Park as Magnum P.I.

There long has been talk about a new series revolving around the daughter of the beach-­loving detective, but why make room for Daddy? Plus, Magnum is a dynamite name for a tough chick like the "Battlestar Galactica" warrior, who got to know the territory during her time on "Hawaii 5-0."

Miley Cyrus as Jill Sparrow

If the "Pirates of the Caribbean" franchise hopes to stay afloat, it needs to throw Johnny Depp overboard. The all-grown-up Hannah Montana has the right attitude — and accessories — for the job. Plus, we'd have a lot easier time believing she's related to Keith Richards.

Kate McKinnon as Inspector Clouseau

The "Saturday Night Live" standout may be the closest thing we have to Peter Sellers now, with her ability to invest fully in a wide range of characters. After several summers as a supporting player in films, it's high time this budding genius gets a promotion.

Taylor Swift as Spider-Man

True, the pop star's acting résumé is less than stellar, but based on her music videos alone, she's capable of playing Peter Parker ("Shake It Off") and the nerd's fearless alter ego ("Bad Blood"). Plus, we're eager to hear what kind of song of vengeance she'd write about the Green Goblin.

Ruth Negga as Rambo

She proved her acting chops by scoring an Oscar nom for "Loving," but all she needs for her audition as the ultimate mercenary is an episode of AMC's "Preacher." She tackles the ultraviolent Tulip O'Hare with such glee it would bring a grin to Sly's stone face.

Bella Ramsey as Harriet Potter

It's probably too early to restart the J.K. Rowling franchise, but if Hollywood waits too long, it'll miss out on this 13-year-old Brit, who plays the unsinkable noblewoman Lyanna Mormont on "Game of Thrones." Our bet is she'd master sorcery and Quidditch in record time.

Jennifer Lawrence as Robin Hood

She got in plenty of archery practice through the "Hunger Games" series. More important, the Oscar winner can shoot zingers with the best of them. King John should start shaking in his boots.