The space: A small upstairs bedroom in a Minneapolis house.

The challenge: The room had been left nearly empty by the current owner with the exception of a few empty boxes and a full-size bed frame. And with its odd angles and unflattering wall colors, the room seemed too small and unappealing to be used for anything but storage. 

The goal: To show buyers as much attractive, livable space as possible. "Our goal was to transform this room from alarming to charming," said Lori Matzke of

What Matzke did to spruce up the room:

• To give the space a soft, warm glow, reflect more light into the room and play up the hardwood floors, Matzke painted the walls with a flat finish in a pale gold. Using the same color on both the walls and ceiling helps downplay the room's odd angles. 

• The full-size metal bed was replaced with a twin bed that fits the space and leaves more room to maneuver around it.

• A pale taupe and soft orange quilt and pillow set complements the wall color and adds visual energy to the space.

• A small wicker chair in the window nook gives buyers a better of idea of how to use the space.

• A deep orange throw slung over the chair adds a pop of cheery color and soft texture to the room.

• Bright ceramic lamp on a wicker hamper next to the bed (not shown) makes room feel brighter.

• Artwork on the walls helps draw the eye around the room and makes the space feel finished.