So the Wild is playing in Chicago, in what feels like but probably isn't a big game, trying for the first victory of the season, and missing two of its best forwards in Zach Parise and Mikael Granlund.

Then Marcus Foligno gets into a fight. He takes a punch. He leaves the game.and may be seriously injured.



Why would anyone think risking injury in a fight that will do nothing to help your team score or prevent goals is a good idea?


We know too much about brain injuries to think that fighting is intelligent. Even the guy who wins the fight is risking breaking a bone in his hand. Now the Wild might be without Foligno for a stretch when they can least afford to lose him.

Fighting has always been a silly non-sequitur in the game. These days it's criminally stupid.


I love baseball, and love the baseball postseason, but can we speed it up a bit?


Eliminate replays. I was in favor of replays until I saw them in action. Make the call and move on. Human error is as much a part of replay decisions as it is in the original calls.

Limit the number of mid-inning pitching changes a team can make. We need to end the era of specialization.

Maybe that would keep games under four hours.


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