In the northeastern town of Teesside, England, last August, 22-year-old Jordan Easton of Thornaby was at the home of a friend, hanging out in the kitchen, when he boasted that his vest was "stab-proof." To prove it, he "took hold a knife to demonstrate," Karin Welsh, Teesside assistant coroner, testified, "and sadly realized it wasn't the case." Teesside Live reported Easton was rushed to the hospital, but doctors weren't able to save him. Detective Superintendent Ted Butcher also testified at Easton's inquest on June 16 that he found no evidence Easton intended to harm himself and died after "a boisterous act." Welsh recorded a verdict of "misadventure."


When Daryl Royal Riedel, 48, was pulled over for suspected drunken driving June 14 by Monroe County (Fla.) Sheriff's Deputy Anthony Lopez, he first drove off, but thought better of it and stopped to face the music. Riedel, who claimed to be scared, then stepped out of his truck with an open can of beer and chugged the contents as Lopez watched. The Associated Press reported that Riedel has four prior DWI arrests and now faces felony DWI, fleeing from a deputy, driving with a suspended license and failure to submit to a breath test.


Wa Tiba, 54, disappeared on June 14 while tending her vegetable garden on Muna Island in the Southeast Sulawesi province of Indonesia. Her family found only her sandals, a machete and a flashlight in the garden, but just 50 yards away, villagers located a 23-foot-long python with a severely bloated midsection. Fox News reported that when the snake's belly was cut open, it revealed the woman's fully intact body inside, still wearing all her clothes. Villager Ayu Kartika said, "Everyone cried and was in shock. ... It looked like a horror movie."

High times

• Two unnamed employees of the Inn at Shelburne Farms in Shelburne, Vt., enjoyed some malted milk ball-type candies left behind by guests on June 13, but they didn't enjoy the aftermath. The candies were cannabis edibles, and the employees became sick after consuming them. Police arrived to find one of them lying in the parking lot, and both were transferred to a hospital, according to the Associated Press. Recreational use of marijuana becomes legal in Vermont on July 1; police said the guests who left the edibles would not be charged.

• In California, some bed-and-breakfast establishments are employing a new marketing twist: "bud and breakfast." For example, CBS News reports, Erin Dean's Airbnb north of Sacramento is right next door to a cannabis farm. Her welcome gift for guests includes up to 1 ounce of the herb from the neighboring farm (allowable under state law). Other bud-and-breakfasts can be found in Lake Tahoe and Palm Springs.

Least competent criminal

In Youngstown, Ohio, police responding to a call about gunshots on June 10 spotted Dai'ryon Mitchell, 21, speeding away from the scene in an SUV. He refused to pull over but finally left the vehicle and ran into a home, where he climbed through a window and hung from the ledge. Mitchell tried to climb back in, the Youngstown Vindicator reported, but lost his grip and fell directly into the arms of officers below, who handcuffed him.

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