News headlines from my iPhone:


Energy and Environment — We are in trouble. Global carbon emissions reached a record in 2018. (Washington Post)


The Trump administration plans major rollback of protection for Sage Grouse, potentially opening 9 million acres to oil drilling. (The New York Times.)


U.S. plans to ‘showcase ways to use fossil fuels’ at U.N. climate conference (Washington Post) 


“A kind of dark realism’: Why the climate-change problem is starting to look too big to solve. (Washington Post)


France’s protestors are part of a global backlash against climate-change taxes. (Washington Post)


Greenhouse gas emissions surge. The accelerating growth of carbon dioxide emissions is comparable to a speeding freight train, scientists said on Wednesday, and is putting the world on track to face the most severe consequences of global warming far sooner than expected. (The New York Times)





Scroll down to my post that says Common Grackles are becoming uncommon. Of course, that’s an insect problem (disappearing). Of course, that’s a warming climate problem.


My concern certainly begins with birds in this regard. Until I think about the world in which my 12-year-old granddaughter will live. Somewhere recently I read a prediction that in 12 years — by 2030 —Earth will have cities too hot for human habitation. (....far sooner than expected)