They don't make internet cat videos like they used to. 

Can you see feline celebs Grumpy Cat or Lil Bub sliding down a two-story fire station pole? No way. But do you know who could attempt such a feat? Mickey the Minneapolis Fire Cat.

That's right, our great city was once home to a firefighting cat who would drop everything (including playing dominoes with fellow first responders) to rush out to a 4-alarm blaze.

Need evidence? Watch this newsreel video recently posted by the Facebook page, Old Minneapolis.

In it, a narrator details the life of Mickey the fire mascot in Station 10, which according to the post was located in downtown on N. 4th Street between Hennepin Avenue and 1st Avenue.

Mickey not only slides down the station's brass pole, but rides in the department's fire cruiser and -- wait for it -- wears a fire helmet. Safety first!