Wildfires raged through western Texas and Oklahoma Thursday while severe thunderstorms ravaged eastern Oklahoma and Arkansas. That's the way the weather operates this time of year, often extreme with very few days without radical change. April is the time of year that the leftovers of winter have an all-out slugfest with the beginnings of summer; that's why it gets so hostile at times.

The next period of stormy weather for the South Central states will occur Saturday night and Sunday. Severe weather is again possible, but probably not as bad as what happened a day ago. This will be more of a large-scale rain event with embedded strong storms. Still, whenever air masses clash in April, you can never rule out the possibility of destructive winds and tornadoes.

One thing different about this upcoming event is that the water-starved region of western Texas will get some rain. Most other storms that have come through this region since December have missed entirely. The total rainfall the past four months in Midland, Texas, has been 0.85 of an inch, while El Paso, Texas, has gotten a measly 0.34 of an inch.

Although there could be heavy thunderstorms in parts of western Texas Saturday night, the rain that fall will be brief. On Sunday, dry, windy conditions will push the fire danger back to high.

Story by AccuWeather.com Expert Senior Meteorologist John Kocet.