First we had Up-Down. Then Punch Bowl Social and Can Can Wonderland. Now, the upcoming Tilt — a project from the folks behind Uptown’s Nightingale — will continue the trend of bars that double as entertainment when it opens in April.

“I see why it’s attractive,” said owner Carrie McCabe-Johnston. “It’s in an urban area. It’s not corporate. It’s not a chain, but it still has those aspects of entertainment. I think it’s really appealing to a broad age range.

“I’m hoping people see it as a place to go with a group of people and just graze and snack on things in between having some beers and playing some games.”

Tilt, located in the new Chroma Apartment building (113 E. 26th St., Mpls.,, will have two focuses: pinball and hot dogs. The all-beef wieners will come from Peterson Limousin Farms in Wisconsin — the same source of all of Nightingale’s beef — and will act as the centerpiece for seven or eight variations, including a chili dog, a Chicago dog and creations using house-made kimchi, sauerkraut and beer mustard. There also will be vegetarian dog options, and a small dips and chips section of the menu highlighting smoked onion dip, pimento cheese, guacamole and more.

“We’ve taken a lot of the things we’ve done from Nightingale — everything from scratch and all that — and applied it as we can to a hot dog bar,” McCabe-Johnston said. “But it’s something completely different than what we’re doing at Nightingale right now.”

Husband Jasha Johnston, who owns Nightingale (2551 Lyndale Av. S., Mpls., 612-354-7060, with McCabe-Johnston, will be in charge of a bar program that will feature cocktails heavily built on local spirits, six to eight beer taps and a selection of canned wine. A third partner, John Galvin, will supply the pinball machines and other games (which will be mostly new with a handful of vintage) as well as organize leagues. The cozy space will hold about 25 to 30 seats.