Happier days

News that Ron Howard is taking over the Han Solo origin movie should have been welcome news — except the Oscar-winning director hasn’t had much luck recently on the big screen. Maybe he needs to bring back a little more of the freewheeling humor he favored in his early work, starting with 1982’s Night Shift.” Michael Keaton is perfect as the mortuary attendant with big dreams.

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Taking a stand

Comedians looking to move to the next level used to aspire to specials on Comedy Central and HBO. Now they fall asleep fantasizing about Netflix deals. Dan Soder is among those seeing their dreams come true. He’s one of six comedians featured in “The Standups.” Soder is capitalizing on the attention with a tour that brings him to Acme Comedy Company next Thursday through Saturday.

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There will be blood

“Mosquito” may be the most disturbing horror movie of the year, if only because the story is all too real. Jeremy Renner narrates this globe-trotting documentary about the spread of deadly viruses through our bloodsucking “friends.” Bill Gates is among the talking heads ringing the warning bell.

8 p.m., Discovery

Neal Justin