Basic instincts

It takes a while for "Timeless" star Abigail Spencer to prove she's a formidable femme fatale in the stylish new drama "Reprisal," but when she finally does you'll think Barbara Stanwyck is back. Much of the action, which includes a scene in a kinky strip joint, owes as much to Quentin Tarantino as it does to film noir.

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High-profile crime

Apple TV Plus seems more interested in big stars than promising scripts. Its latest big get is Oscar-winner Octavia Spencer, who plays a true crime podcaster in "Truth Be Told." She's got an impressive supporting roster, including Emmy-winner Aaron Paul, "Masters of Sex" master Lizzy Caplan and the always reliable Elizabeth Perkins.

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Knights in shining armor

Set aside your allegiance to the Minnesota Wild long enough to watch "Valiant," a documentary about how the Las Vegas Golden Knights achieved success the moment they hit the ice. The filmmakers give credit to the players, who were drafted by the expansion team only after being left unprotected by their former squads. But there are plenty of cheers left for the Vegas fans, hungry for a feel-good story after the 2017 Strip shootings.

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Neal Justin