Less than bewitching

Geralt, the monster hunter in "The Witcher," is so determined to separate himself from Buffy the Vampire Slayer that he speaks in a voice that sounds like it's coming from the bottom of a cauldron. That tone may help scare off enemies who might be extras from "Game of Thrones," but it does little to make you want to root for him or this dour series.

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Reheated dinner

After an eight-year hiatus, "The Next Food Challenge" returns, this time with themes that pay tribute to everything from Monopoly to "The Wizard of Oz." The six-episode reboot is hosted by Ian Ziering, which means there's a 50/50 chance that one of the guest judges will be a shark — or Tori Spelling.

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Come on down

Part of the appeal of "The Price Is Right" is watching usually rational folks act like idiots for a chance to guess the price of frozen pizza. It may not be as much fun rooting for Seth Rogen in this prime-time edition, but at least he'll be giving whatever prizes he wins to a cause fighting Alzheimer's disease. Due to the Packers-Vikings game, this special will air later in this market.

1:07 a.m., WCCO, Ch. 4

Neal Justin