These are the days

“Live in Front of a Studio Audience,” which scored impressive numbers when it first aired in the spring, is back with another revamped episode of “All in the Family,” as well as a fresh take on “Good Times.” Marisa Tomei’s over-the-top version of Edith Bunker was one of the year’s most hilarious surprises.

7 p.m., KSTP, Ch. 5

Singing lessons

“Soundtrack,” a musical drama about love and loss in La La Land, borrows more than a few notes from “This Is Us,” especially in the way it messes with time and your emotions. But the comparisons won’t be enough to attract viewers who can’t tolerate characters suddenly breaking into song, even when the tunes are as familiar as Demi Lovato’s “Sorry (Not Sorry”) and Kelly Clarkson’s “Heat.” The cast mainly lip-syncs, but the impressive dance moves are all their own.

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Family matters

If you thought orphanages disappeared the moment Annie moved in with Daddy Warbucks, “Finding the Way Home” will set you straight. This heart-wrenching but ultimately inspiring documentary looks at how six children from around the world escaped systematic institutionalization to find support in loving homes. The film also reminds us that many kids aren’t so lucky.

8 p.m., HBO

Neal Justin