Serena Nunn/Star Tribune photo by Stormi Greener

The conviction of former North High School homecoming queen Serena Nunn made headlines in the Star Tribune. Now her story is being developed as a network series.

NBC has picked up "Closure," a proposed legal procedural that focuses on a Minnesotan who spent 11 years in prison after being arrested for being a bit player in her boyfriend's crime ring, a victim of mandatory minimum sentencing for drug-related crimes.

Sam Sheldon, a San Diego attorney, saw a story about Nunn while traveling through the Twin Cities airport and decided to take her case.

"I was reading, thinking: 'How does this make sense?'" he told Strib reporter Chris Graves in 2000. "If ever there was a case of inequity this is the one."

President Bill Clinton would commute the sentence in 2000 after lobbying from a number of top Minnesotans including Attorney General Mike Hatch and Gov. Jesse Ventura.

The series is being created by "Drop Dead Diva" creator Josh Berman. John Legend has signed on as an executive producer. No word yet on casting.

Nunn is currently an attorney of good standing in the Atlanta area.