I'm bored. We're talking Wordle/read-the-obituaries bored. Lately I've been taking long walks (in sneakers and a sweatshirt) and tending a small patch of kale poking up in my garden. Wondering out loud what month it is.

No, this is not normal, and odds are next winter won't be this disorientingly-mild. If it's in the 50s in February what will July be like? Yes, it's been "nice," in a vaguely unsettling way.

With 50-degree readings possible Sunday into Tuesday MSP might end meteorological winter with 15 days of 50s since Dec. 1, smashing the record of eight 50-degree days during the winter of 1980-81. Crazy.

I see mostly 40s and a few 50s into the first week of March. A touch of slush is possible the middle of next week, but nothing that qualifies as a true "storm." I sure wouldn't rule out a few slushy snowfalls later in March (maybe April?) but early spring snows usually don't stick around for long.

Don't fight the trends, right? It's been mild, and odds favor a continued warm bias into spring.