If you are a Twins fan, or Canadian, and you enjoy kicking back in pink blankets with sleeves, this item is right up your alley.

A buddy of mine alerted me to this interesting eBay item: a pink Sluggie, autographed by Justin Morneau.

There is only one of these things in the whole world, customized specifically for this auction. Basically, the trademark Snuggie became a "Sluggie" when the good folks at JustinMorneau.com printed a silhouette of the Canadian Crusher inside of a red maple leaf on its front.

Morneau will sign the item with a personalized inscription of the winner's choice, such as "I love you, Sooze!" ...not that I'm bidding on it or anything.

You have until May 2 at 6pm to join in the fun. Currently, it's going for $119.61 after 28 bids, but the blonde girl and baseball bat are not included.

Also, 100% of the final sale price will be sent to the Susan G. Komen for a Cure headquarters.