Wednesday marks the 26th anniversary of Amy Sue Pagnac’s disappearance, and Maple Grove police haven’t released any new details on the case, which resurfaced last year.

The 13-year-old vanished Aug. 5, 1989 after a trip to the family’s farm. The case received little attention until May 2014, when police, FBI and state investigators converged on the family’s Maple Grove home with a sealed search warrant, doing a six-day search of the home and tearing up the backyard patio. Then in June 2014, authorities did a four-day dig at the family’s 140-acre Isanti County farm.

A year later, police still haven’t disclosed what prompted the searches or whether anything was found. But Police Capt. Adam Lindquist said two detectives remain on the case.

“It’s a high priority for us,” he said last week. “It’s still open and active, and we’re looking to bring Amy home.”

Police say Pagnac, who would now be 39, could be alive or dead. There’s no suspect or evidence of a crime.

On Aug. 5, 1989, Pagnac and her father, Marshall Midden, went up to the family’s wooded farm in Maple Ridge Township to harvest trees and farm vegetables. About 5 p.m., they were returning home when he said he stopped at a gas station 2 miles away in Osseo, used the bathroom and came out to find the car empty. Amy’s mother, Susan Pagnac, has said that she was prone to seizures, wandering off at times. She has also said Amy could have been abducted.

Both police and Amy’s mother urge anyone who knew her or has information to contact police.

“For me, it’s more disbelief still,” Susan Pagnac said last week. “I don’t want people to assume Amy’s dead. She could be alive out there. Without the public’s help and awareness, these individuals won’t be found.”