Typically, a group date on "The Bachelorette" involves many men competing to spend time with a single woman. But on Tuesday night's episode, the many men seemed more focused on spending time with one another — and their giant teddy bears.

While they punched one another in the abs, the Minnesota star of the show Michelle Young stood alone.

At first, Young fought back tears, smiled and pretended not to mind. But then she decided to be honest, telling the men that she felt "unseen."

"I think my biggest fear in all this is that I could commit to somebody who doesn't eventually see me," Young said. "And that's something I've dealt with before."

Tuesday's episode of the ABC-TV reality series struck similar themes to last week, when Young shared that she grew up feeling like "the token Black girl" who got overlooked romantically.

Upon hearing her concerns, many of the men stepped up, pledging to do better. Olumide "Olu" Inajide broke down.

"It was tough hearing that from her," he said, tears streaming down his face.

He told Young that her experience reminded him of his four sisters and what they went through growing up as Black girls. "I feel you, I hear you," he said, crying. "Everything you're doing now shows that you're a strong woman. I appreciate you, I really do."

Young gave Inajide a rose for "showing me your vulnerability."

Later in the episode, fellow Minnesotan Joe Coleman also tried to make Young feel special — with food.

"So the last time we spoke, I asked how I could be there for you … and you said 'Snacks,' " Coleman said, smiling. "So I bought a few snacks."

They munched, cuddled and kissed.

"Joe is this quiet soul," Young said, "but he is strong-willed and confident."

After a tense rose ceremony, Young told the 11 remaining men that she was headed home to Minnesota and, after a dramatic pause, added: "And y'all are coming with me!"

"We're going to see what the Midwest is all about, because the Midwest is truly the best," she said. "And you're going to see where I grew up."

Brandon Jones, in particular, seemed thrilled, yelling "Minnesota!"

"A one-on-one in her hometown?" Jones said. "This is what I've been waiting for."

A preview for next week's episode features many local landmarks, including U.S. Bank Stadium, Lake Minnetonka and Target Field, where Young and Coleman are sporting Twins jerseys and holding hands.