Frannie Marin's Minnesota connections couldn't keep her on "Survivor."

The Massachusetts-based research coordinator, who grew up in St. Paul and graduated from the University of Minnesota, became the 11th person to be eliminated from the 44th season of the CBS series.

In Wednesday's episode, we watched Marin strengthen her bond with fellow Minnesotan Carolyn Wiger over tacos and margaritas. Wiger, the daughter of former Minnesota state Sen. Chuck Wiger, later went to great lengths to save her new friend. In the end, it wasn't enough.

Marin's downfall was that she was too strong a competitor. She had won more challenges than anyone else, and her castmates believed they stood a better chance of winning by sending her home. She also was handicapped by the earlier departure of her island bestie Matt Blankinship.

Danny Massa, who had saved Marin with an immunity idol during a previous tribal vote, led the campaign against her.

Marin almost secured immunity for the third time by nearly winning a contest in which she had to slither through sand and put together an elaborate puzzle. She was nosed out by Carson Garrett.

There are still seven competitors, including Wiger, who has became a fan favorite. She has flailed in the physical challenges but has proved to be a master manipulator behind the scenes.

"She is so unabashedly herself," Marin said of Wiger in the most recent episode. "It's inspiring to me."

"Survivor" airs at 7 p.m. Wednesdays on WCCO, Ch. 4.