Remember the World’s Fair? It could land in Minnesota in 2023 if a group of Minnesota civic leaders have their way.

The Minnesota World’s Fair Bid Committee announced Friday that it is preparing to submit a bid for the 2023 fair, called Expo 2023, and that it had already raised nearly three-quarters of the $1.5 million needed to prepare that bid.

The fair would bring an estimated 12 million visitors to Minnesota over the summer of 2023, to view the latest innovations in health and technology from around the world. The event would be privately funded, organizers said.

“The prospect of having this happen in our community is overwhelming to me,” said Marilyn Carlson Nelson, co-chair of the committee.

The fair builds on other mega events slated for Minnesota in the years ahead, including the 2018 Super Bowl and the 2019 Final Four basketball championships.

If approved, it will be the first time in 30 years that the United States has hosted the World’s Fair, born more than 150 years ago in London. The committee already is checking out sites in the Twin Cities and beyond to host the expo, which would run during three summer months, said Mark Ritchie, former Minnesota Secretary of State who is overseeing the bid.

“Expo 2023 will showcase Minnesota’s global leadership in a wide range of economic, social and civic arenas, including healthcare and wellness,” Ritchie said.

The bid will be submitted later this year, based on a theme of health and wellness, which will allow Minnesota to put the spotlight on its medical technology industries, water conservation efforts, bike trail system and more.